Once again, this power duo from Joshua Tree, USA, makes a strong come back with their heavily 70’s influenced new single: “No Return“, a vibrant anthemic rock track that keeps positioning FIREBUG as one of the most head-turning rock bands of our age.

It’s always a pleasure listening to FIREBUG’s music, not only because of their unlimited charisma but also the way they manage to transport us through different eras in their own magical way. This band, recently based in Joshua Tree, California was part of our Top 100 Songs 2021 with their single “Run”, and will most probably be in the Top 100 Songs 2022.

“No Return” is an anthemic rock track that starts as a ballad. Soft and nostalgic, the track prepares us for a journey of no return through the past, present, and future. Juliette Tworsey’s vocals are no less than majestic and magical, her interpretation is once again a feat that can be compared to the one and only Janis Joplin.

Heavily influenced by ’60s and 70’s music, “No Return” sounds like a song that could’ve been played in Woodstock ’69. Jules Shapiro’s guitar playing gathers the classic with the new, his heartfelt licks, and his modern melodies clash together with grit, style, and passion.

And let’s not forget Joseph Noval’s bass playing and Matt Lucich’s drumbeat, without them the song would be missing a whole lot of power and potential. Ending on a high note and with incredible energy, “No Return” might quickly become one of the best songs of 2022.

Their full-length new album that includes “No Return” coming in Spring 2022 was recorded and mixed at The Clocktower Recorders in Joshua Tree California, in the Fall of 2021. It was engineered by Charlie Stavish and produced by The Two Jays (Jules Shapiro and Juliette Tworsey). Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound Nashville. You don’t want to miss it this Spring 2022

We had all these new songs we wrote on the road “Wandering Soul” US Tour. When we got back home to the desert (Joshua Tree) we knew we had to record these new songs including “No Return”. We hooked up with engineer/producer Charlie Stavish at his amazing home studio The Clocktower Recorders and decided this is where we wanted to make this new record. The sessions went really well we put together a great line up including Joseph Noval on bass and Matt Lucich on drums .We are very happy with “No Return” and the rest of the new record coming in Spring 2022 is really incredible, our best record by far and we put everything we had into making this really something special.” – FIREBUG

Such a fantastic track that leaves us wanting to hear so much more from the duo. In the meantime, be sure to connect with them and to hit that play, like, follow, share and subscribe button!

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