Callaghan Belle “strings”

As Callaghan Bell‘s heart finds itself hurting by the pressure of unfading ‘strings’ of fate, she goes through the five phases of grief, accepting the end to a romance that never had a true start.

Young self-described musical creature Callaghan Belle is an active recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and actor. From the young age of eight, after growing up in both Detroit, various world tours (Anita Baker, Bob Seger), and somewhere in between the two, an even younger version began making music. By the time she was in high school, she had finally signed a record deal and began to create a career with her voice, where she found a niche related to reading voiceover scripts. 

Her creative mind and admirable work ethic has allowed her to over time release a multitude of self-produced and self-written music including an album, an EP, and several singles.  Released on the twentieth of January, Callaghan’s first song of the year tells a bittersweet story of overcoming feelings and eventually making peace with the truth of a relationship. 

Delivering a mellow and delicate sound in her new single, the artist brings with her a new form of strength that still shows vulnerability. The song, which contains the angelic-like presence of Callaghan’s own harmonies, is described by her as “when you’re let down that 100th time and finally emotionally detach from the person. When you finally realize it’s them, not you.”

Expressing her emotions as her heart being broken over and over again, to the point the final straw carried the weight of ten heartbreaks, is the first and one of the many examples of Callaghan using literary devices throughout the lyrics of strings. Although all simple when read on their song, the amalgamation found in the track brings with it a feeling of sympathy 

— who has not been let down by the one they love? Who has been spared of lies, confusion, and pain? We who have all experienced being wanted to a lesser degree, being used, replaced, or abandoned understand that the pain carried in a simple hyperbole is anything but small; it carries within it shattered hopes, a universal emotion that one can never fully recover from. 

Callaghan uses her emotions to lead the song from beginning to end, deciding to focus on the story and make the other elements in the song an accompaniment to the word she’s been needing to say out loud. And it lies within that what makes a single like strings hit as raw as it does, despite not having a dramatic bridge or a high belting note that goes beyond (or rather, meets) all expectations: the song is the journey of a woman and the love unworthy of her that she’s learned to let go of. 

Strings is entirely’s Callaghan Belle’s creation, being brought by her from the writing to the producing state. Such a thing is easy to detect, as the song is oozing from strong and intimate emotions yet it feels truly bare, like a clean open wound. Though blood is no longer pouring out, the pain that it caused left it’s last. 

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