Chris Aleshire is back with yet another fantastic pop track. Filled with a lot of funky and bouncy grooves, this delivery by Red Skies Mourning is sure to warm you with its positive vibes throughout your day.

Here we are my friends, with a fabulous comeback by this Baltimore artist. If you’ve never listened to Red Skies Mourning before let me tell you this: You’re missing out! Chris is a truly talented singer and artist, and his music counts with all the right ingredients to attract a high number of listeners!

Lost Without You” is the title of his new single and it pretty much speaks for itself. A love song with lyrics that should bring you down, but in conjunction with the music creates a super fun and groovy track that could make anybody dance. The production is sublime and Chris’ vocals are just top-notch.

After his last singles: Light Of Mine, Paralyzed, and Deep Moonlight, Chris now worked with Ryan Curtis and Cesar Da Emperor to delight us with the sweet and funky groove of “Lost Without You”. In this single, you’ll be able to listen to a wide selection of synths, bass, guitars, and steady drums. All the ingredients needed to create a fun and infectious hit.

I had the wonderful opportunity to have a little interview with the man himself, and you can read it here, only in Less Than 1000 Followers:

MadZen: Hi Chris! It’s an absolute pleasure to have you on our blog. Congratulations on your new release!! It sounds great, the production is absolutely stunning and your voice is as neat as ever. Would you care to tell us a bit more about this single?

Chris: Hey! This was the actual first song working on the new sound. I just released it 3rd after Paralyzed and Deep Moonlight as I’m still trying to find my sound or what defines Red Skies Mourning. Definitely want to smash genres together and keep it catchy!

MadZen: That’s great man, I admire the thrive and determination you have going on. As an artist myself I’m also trying to find a sound for myself. What would you recommend for any starting artist to do while they’re in searching for a definition?

Chris: That’s tough. I was in a hardcore/punk band for a while… then cover bands and now this. I’m all over the place with my genres and sounds. I’d say start with your influences and your favorite genres, start with an idea, melody then build. I’m definitely my own worst critic. My biggest top two vocal influences was Chris Cornell and Layne Staley/Jerry Cantrell. Also good to stay current as well as that’s all I’ve been listening to. Well, listening to current music than some of the older classics.

MadZen: That’s great advice man, thank you. I’m also very curious about your name Red Skies Mourning, would you please tell us a bit more about that? What made you come up with and chose that name?

Chris: I was starting a new cover band a few years ago and the guitarist was coming up with catchphrases. So he mentioned “red sky in the morning, sailors take warning” etc. And I said that’s great. As things I tend to write revolve around emotion, I thought about “mourning” so yeah. Red Skies Mourning!

MadZen: Awesome! One last question man. What’s in the future for RSM? I know you probably have a lot in store waiting to be released.

Chris: Yeah. I’ve got a new one on Feb 28th and another after that. I’m finishing up the 6th(based on Mario) and then going to work on the 7th. We have a pretty good workflow and probably find that “sound” soon! Lol. 7 in total right now. “Lost Without You” was the 3rd release.

MadZen: That’s great! Is there anything else you’d like to add or say to the fans reading you?

Chris: Just thanks for checking me out and thanks for the interview! 🤘🏼

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