Clara Hannigan “Broken Bottles”


Late last year she released her debut single, a vibrant easy-going “Sonder“. Back then the artist also talked about what was coming, and among other things, she mentioned the name of her second single. This is Clara Hannigan and she has just released “Broken Bottles“!

Hailing from New York, Clara Hannigan is a singer and pianist who grew up on the love of blues and jazz. Those genres as well as influential artists like Amy Winehouse, DRAMA, and Billie Holiday trickle down into her lively open sound, creating a stage for heartfelt honesty and emotions. Those emotions come from life itself and are written into lyrics in a way that allows seeing a different angle of the same thing. That was the case with “Sonder”, a song that took being alone in a new city as a good and liberating thing rather than negative and scary.

The newest single “Broken Bottles” takes a look into a more painful aspect of life – breakups and people who cause a huge emotional mess seen through the lens of someone who’s grown sick and tired of this all. And so, this song walks between the shards of earlier destruction and walks out of the scene with evergrowing determination. “No place for that hurt in my life, I’m out!”

The song starts off gently with haunting echoing synth sounds and vocals placed in a vast damp space. The growing feeling of being tired of this state grows every time she sings “I don’t wanna waste my time”, which adds more detail to the instrumentation and determination in her voice.
Those emotions keep on growing until eventually tipping over into a hugely cathartic climax with a pulsating beat and flooding synths. Even the sudden end fits really well like a metaphoric door slammed shut after she left. A perfectly empowering song for anyone who needs that extra boost in overcoming a bad relationship and making the decision to leave. In the end, it will be a decision leading to freeing yourself.

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