Jester Society – “Neon Whisper”

Electro-pop is a genre that was born alongside the evolution of computers and their mainstream presence during the ’80s. Long forgotten, the genre reached its rebirth during the decade of the 2010s with acts such as Chvrches at the helm. Today’s single by mysterious Italo-English band Jester Society experiments with the freedom of synth-pop to a degree that it presents something new in electro-post pop. Neon Whisper” is a dance between two distant worlds that are incompatible and dependent on each other: the encounter and clash between its synths, bass, and apple ciders.

Jester Society is a band made up of Alessandro (lead vocals), Marco (vocals, guitars, synths), and two masked members called ¡Heil (drums) and Drama! (bass, keyboards, synths). Their sound is the synthesis between the band’s two home cities, Brescia in Italy and London in the United Kingdom. After the launch of their debut EP ¡Heil Drama!, the two masked members changed their name to ¡White & Bravo!, marking a new phase for the band. Soon, they released the singles “¡White Bravo!” in December 2020, “Lilith” in March 2021, and “Bad Bones” in November of the same year. ” “Neon Whisper” is the band’s first release of 2022.

“Neon Whisper” was born in spring 2020, during the first lockdown in the sunniest and bluest-sky Italian April ever, a strong contrast to the historical period that we were living in. The genesis of this single was born from this contrast. “Neon Whisper” is an attempt to escape through dream images and fast-paced rhythms. The new song is a neon hallucination that whispers freedom. Jester Society

“Neon Whisper” is an upbeat track that merges a dreamy atmosphere with a catchy, rhythmic electropop beat. As a result, the track feels like a nostalgic trip through time. Jester Society is able to capture the essence of freedom, as the synths seem to open the doors of loneliness with its synths of guitars to get a breath of fresh air. Each instrument feels expansive as the song progresses: the synths grow brighter, the vocals gain emotion, the drums more upbeat; as if the track was the universe infinitely.

Jester Society’s new track shows the bold new direction the band has taken. “Neon Whisper” is a collision between elements that at first glance may seem contradictory. But it is this contradiction that is able to make the track as unique as it is. Give it a listen yourself!

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