What would you do if your animal side overcomes your human side? The inner, and outer, battle shall be tough. In this new single, Matteo Palermo and Vitriol Project represent two opposing worlds clashing with one another in the dub rock track: “Mr. Weak“. OUT NOW!!!

I love listening to Italian-made music, there’s something about its international characteristic that just gets me pumped. You’ll be able to this Friday to listen to a very interesting single and a music video created by a couple of artists from Palo Del Colle, Italy. Somewhere between the realms of rock and electronica, this powerful, metal-oriented track unites a heavy dose of pop and progressive rock.

“Mr. Weak” is a character, and in this case, a metaphor, illustrated as the “hand man”, for the more human side as opposed to the more animal side of man, as illustrated by Annafranca Coviello.

Produced by Francesco Valentino and distributed by Sony music Italy, “Mr. Weak” is about a fragile, weak person speaking to someone stronger, both in social status and wealth, who has lost his human nature to progress.

Wanting to represent two opposing worlds; strength and weakness, poverty and wealth; the song carries a lot of contrasts. From soft singing to guttural screams, the track uses references to how modern society is seen as a circus, just like in the movie The Truman Show, where the main character loses his own autonomy to the power and influence of technology.

Mr. Weak is represented on the cover as a “hand man”, the most human part of us screaming to the feral unscrupulous side: “ don’t let me go down, don’t let me down”, reversing the Latin words “Canis canem non est”, meaning similar species should not turn on one another.

Graceful and with a lot of intensity, “Mr. Weak” shows one of the most vulnerable sides we have as species and reminds us to never lose sight of who we truly are, no matter how attractive the social circus can be.

The video for the song was filmed at Rigenera’s Happy Times Magic Tent in Palo del Colle, starring Domenico Colangelo, Stefano Ninni, Vincenzo Bari, Domenico Capobianco, Francesco Valentino and Matteo Palermo. Directed by Matteo Palermo and Giuseppe Chirico, filmed and edited by Giuseppe Chirico. Dropping this Friday, January 21st.

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