Mazyn – “Already Made It”

In this fresh Hip-Hop tune, Egyptian rapper Mazyn demonstrates that you don’t need a chorus to make a successful song. Challenging, witty, and unapologetic, Mazyn spits fire in his new single, “Already Made It“.

Rap has always been an escape for anyone feeling trapped, or in need of expression. The young upcoming artist found in rap a way to face anxiety, college stress, and homesickness being an international student in Ottawa, Canada.

Dropping single after single in 2021, Mazyn managed to enter the official Arab X playlist as well as landing an appearance on CBC TV network. Now, this 2022 he prepares to pick up where he left and continue to deliver hit after hit.

“Already Made It” is Mazyn’s recognition of his own success as an artist, and collaboration between him and longtime producer duo collaborators EffeNess. In the single, Mazyn spits bar after bar, elegantly and with a lot of skill, making the two minutes of the song great entertainment for anyone who listens.

The lack of a chorus is not consequential, as Mazyn manages to flow seamlessly through the Hip Hop beat, selecting carefully each cadence and verse. Truly a must-hear for any rap/ hip-hop fan. Also, Mazyn is known to swerve in and out of hybrid Arabic-English and French-English anthems: “Mafesh Monafes” and “Mon Monde”.

“With this release, I wanted to remind myself why and how I started this music thing. Writing raps in my dorm room without caring for a chorus or what to write to make the song sell. I told myself to just rap for 2 minutes and get that feeling back.” – Mazyn

“Already Made It” comes with a music video directed by one of Ottawa’s most up & coming
prolific videographers, Unknwnroz.

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