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January 23, 2022.

Week 03 2022 Finally the first edition for 2022,  welcome to your  Blog LT1KF my dear music lovers, after a short break and feeling the cold winter I’m back with 9 handpicked albums/eps for you to enjoy,  let’s take a look at this round of 9 Albums/EPs you should listen to, released all of them recently (remember that you always can take a look back at our previous week recommendations here).

1- Krys Blank Big City.   The EP is mainly inspired by Blank’s own journeys through London: through its streets, parks, and avenues. While the city is a physical place, Blank delves furthermore to present it as a state of mind: when living in the city, one becomes part of it; we have to adapt to it or be left behind. Big City captures the moment when we are left of our own in the city and the various struggles we have to go through to adapt and grow within its space. You can read our review here.

2.- Cooper Chasse Four Sides of a Coin. The album carries a prominent breeze of acoustic lively feel as if you’re watching a band perform these songs live. The title track especially feels smooth with the laid-back percussion and swaying backing vocals, while the usage of melodies makes way for a bit more introspective thoughts. You can read our review here.

3.- Paolo Ruiu, Low in his own words: “Low written as a personal reflection on the polarising views of two close friends, tries not to be a ‘finger pointer song’ but one that turns on it’s narrator too, questioning their own lens. Grow centres around the theme of personal growth at a time when life has differing plans Bones – written around the sacrifices we willingly make for those closest to us. Run and Hide, the bitter response to the faint hearted ending of a relationship, circles around an evasive argument – never fully resolving. When writing the EP, I wanted to explore the most extreme parts of myself. After years in groups, it was time to find my own space individually”.

4- Arin Anything  In his own words: “This project was largely about my relationships I’ve had and the certain emotions I’ve particularly engaged with surrounding these relationships” We have a couple of reviews from tracks included in this EP Rome and Obvious.

5.- Kingfisher Kingfisher EP  In their own words: “”Some old friends and I started a punk band and this is our debut release! We’re trying to sound like the punk and melodic power rock of the 90s that we grew up with and love. Joe Brownrigg, Kingfisher

“I’m especially proud of this because it’s been four years of hard work and determination from the four of us to produce this, and it’s officially the most DIY thing I’ve ever been a part of. 100% written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, videos created, shot, and produced, marketing and promo material created by us (with the exception of the logo layouts and conversion to digital files by my dear old friend Angela Jaime). Plenty more where this came from, expect to hear the follow up in the spring.” -Brent Walker, Kingfisher.

6.- Easy Days play it again   Bursting onto the Scottish Music Scene in 2021, easy days are one of Scotland’s hottest indie-pop acts having already sold out their debut show and gained an impressive support slot on Cassia’s 2021 UK Tour. This is their debut EP.

7- Sonotto  Could We Be Closer Could We Be Closer, by Sonotto, is a story of perpetual search for closure. For happiness, satisfaction and peace. Close, but never there.

What is it to be close? Close to our dreams, to an object, to another, to ourselves. What are we getting close to? Do we get closer, or do we stay still? Could we be closer.

Sonotto is the musical outfit of Stirling born, Bristol living, Ambient, IDM, Experimental Electronic artist, Otto Neckel. His open approach to creativity allows for the listener to feel connected to the music in ways unexpected from an artist of his kind. Bringing his love for African rhythm, No Wave, Jazz-Funk and World music into a contemporary vision inspired by the Left-Field electronic scene of Ninja Tune, Ghostly and Warp Records.

8.- Sketchface SOULBLOMM: An Extended Play  in his own words: “is my second project that I’m releasing, and it’s an EP that explores themes of self growth, death, decay, love and spite, and I’ve spent the better part of the last six months working on it.

This EP was entirely produced in my bedroom, by me, alone. These songs were written in various mental states between relationships and hardships, with the instrumental and sonic variety reflecting this with a mix of upbeat indie rock bangers to sombre, acoustic ballads.

I am tremendously proud of this EP, and believe it stands as a testament to my songwriting and production abilities, as I’ve only been making original music for a year or so, and feel like this EP is a great representation of my overall growth and progression, both musically and fundamentally as a person”.

9.- Lost//Youth Chasing Shadows   Lost//Youth, formed in 2021, brings something new to the table while being reminiscent of bands from before their time.

Chasing Shadows is the band’s debut EP and explores the patterns in life and love that have led to darkness. It is the first chapter of a two part concept project that plays on both light and darkness.

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round up:

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