Fae “Bad Trip”

Rising antipop Fae brings her personal infinite ‘Bad Trip’ to life, where many will be surprised to find someone who can capture exactly how they feel within a song. 

Fae, given name Tanya Negin, is a Los Angeles-based emerging musician who displays her sharp tongue and fiery disposition within her art. In her new single, fae continues with her exploration of dark themes and new sounds while giving an interesting allegory for drug usage and unhealthy relationships.

Written nearly two years ago, Bad Trip is a song inspired by the sensation of life during the lockdown, and despite Fae’s wishes, the song stays as accurate as it did when she first wrote it. Bad Trip is the first track she’s co-written, via zoom call, with Songland’s Miranda Clay, and it was produced by Upsahl’s musical director Alex Flagstad.

Somehow, while being an innovative and trippy alternative piece, Bad Trip brings with it a sense of haunting déjà vu. Perhaps it is the inclusion of lyrics such as “I know I’ve been here before”, which is repeated throughout the song and gives it an indelible end, that brings to the song a sensation of draining familiarity, like reliving the same dreadful moments again and again — like a labyrinth where were exits bring you back to the starting point, robbing you away of your hope after you’ve experienced relief for a brief second. 

The song perfectly captures the situation it was written in: in the midst of a pandemic where the artist felt she lived the same day over and over again, with all sense of reality slowly slipping away. The claustrophobia felt by Fae is ever-present in Bad Trip, where it’s hard to distinguish if you’re still in the first half or about to finish the song, only being able to detect the passage of time once you’ve checked the clock and realize you’ve been listening to it, sitting in the same place and staring at the same spot for close to an hour. 

With its underlying spaced-out environmental sounds and dark synth riffs, Bad Trip gives listeners an intoxicating sip of a dark reality. The song plays with the concept of what is danceable and what is downright scary, resulting in an eerie and threatening track one can’t help but groove to, as if ignoring the cries for help sung in the lyrics and accompanying hypnotizing melodies or, even worse, getting a sense of joy out of said misery. Unable to find yourself not drawn to the song, it is one you’ll want to dance or lose yourself into. 

In the era of rising horror chick flicks and the horror of the female mind and body being celebrated, Bad Trip is a more mature version of Eilish’s Bad Guy or the darker auditory self of Clairo’s Amoeba, Fae’s new single rises from a previously unseen tomb to bring to the surface a hell never seen before. Both the track and artist feel right at home in the diverse pool of female autonomy and horror,  honoring the descriptor of “kill your boyfriend music” Fae once received. 

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