KEANU IENCO – “I Still Shine”

This beautiful guitar piece will suit perfectly all you jazz/fusion fans out there. With impeccable skill, Native American / Canadian artist Keanu Ienco delivers an instrumental that shines with emotion and spirit.

I Still Shine” is the first single off of Keanu Ienco’s debut album Celestial Desires, coming up on March 18th. Founding his love for music after his mother gifted him his first guitar at 8 yo, Keanu began playing professionally at 13, and by the age of 16, he had already performed live in British Columbia, as well as radio airplay of his own originals.

His style can be defined as jazz mixed with progressive rock and fusion. His tone, bending, and voicings in the guitar are spot on and very well thought out. The groove of the drums in “I Still Shine” can only be compared to the best fusion rock compositions out there.

Being this only the first single, we can only imagine what Keanu has on hold for us, but be sure to expect a thrilling ride. With a joyful spirit, Keanu wrote this song as his way to regain self-confidence, and by doing so he created an anthem to remember one’s strength and worth.

“To show this, I wrote the tune to be a high energy thrill ride right from the start with high gain melodic guitar lines and a grooving feel from my rhythm section.” – Keanu Ienco

This young guitarist and composer seem to have so much more to give, as his journey is only beginning. In “I Still Shine”, a lot of beautiful melodies are heard as we move across its different sections, which flow seamlessly from soft and melodic, to hard and groovy.

Very easy listening, “I Still Shine” provides a dose of liberation and a moment to find peace in the turbulence. So waste no time and click that follow/like button!

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