Rayka Blake “Nevermore”

Have you ever felt that you’re so tired of all that stupid crap that constantly keeps happening? The violence, the indifference, the hopeless drama that eventually just wears down on everyone. However comforting that might be, it’s a shared feeling between many of us, and also this fresh new voice – Rayka Blake, whose newest single “Nevermore” is a middle-finger rebel cry for hope.

Rayka Blake is an Italian singer-songwriter, who pairs her rather stunning powerful voice with electric guitar riffs. The result is the leathery sound of classic rock so full of energy it’s synonymous with a power surge. And that vocal, I seriously didn’t expect to hear such a singing voice, it’s like a loaded gun. Bold, fearless, and victorious in its presence, making the already energized music soar at full speed.

“My music is a combination of energy, strong emotions, and passion. “Nevermore” has a rock sound, liberating and rebellious.”

Rayka Blake

That voice lends so well to the rebellious nature of her debut release “Nevermore”, a song that’s fighting against violence in all of its forms. The single instantly hit with omnipotent energy in what sounds like a perfect classic rock tune you can really rock out to. The rebellious power is heightened by warm lush electric guitar chords and sweet percussion. There really isn’t anything that’s more uplifting and invigorating for battered sad minds out there, so stand up and raise your fist!

The artist is currently working on her debut EP which might see its first light very soon. A wonderful new artist for all rock lovers!

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