Hannyta “Make It To The Night”

Hannyta astounds listeners all over the world with her heartwarming, slow-paced electronic-inspired ballad titled ‘Make It To The Night’.

Under the stage name Hannyta, Hanna, a young and independent singer-songwriter, has begun her music career during her high school years. Her talent, desire for knowledge and improvement, and inspiration for new music is not bound at all to her age: Hannyta has been releasing singles since 2020, with eight released singles and a cover under her discography. 

Her sound explores different areas of pop, with occasional touches of folk, dance, R&B, and theatrical elements, and it’s reminiscent of the early to middle stages of Taylor Swift’s discography, as it contains an air of genuineness and eubillence that feels unique to this stage of life and one’s journey through it. 

The Hungarian-born, Scotland-based musician has the potential and drives to make it big in the industry, and she’s welcoming 2022 with more proof of it. Her latest single, Make It To The Night, is an electro-pop ballad released on the twenty-first day of January.  

Make It To The Night feels like a song one would find in the Top 100 Charts on a streaming platform; the song contains every element that can drawn in lovers of pop and more laid back dance songs, with its pulsing synths never feeling overwhelming or excessive, especially when they’re paired up with Hannyta’s soothing voice, which grounds the track with her vocal texture and the sweetening lyrics. 

Spacey in the way allows you to swim within its reverbs and catchy chorus, the single feels like resting on top of a cloud with someone dear to you by your side. The dreamy and lively qualities of the song keep the energy interesting and consistent, with no specific high points as the overall song and the experience it brings are what makes it so enjoyable. 

At seventeen years of age, Hannyta has released yet another song that people of any age are able to connect with. Her music proves that some experiences and feelings are universal, and she continues to create connections between strangers as she unleashes her emotions and creativity via her memorable melodies. 

If you enjoyed Hannyta’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile and Youtube channel.

You can also support the artist by streaming and sharing her music, which can be found in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, Indie Only, Female Rising Stars, and 12 New Songs This Week.

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