Southerlies “Words”

Back in 2015 in Portsmouth a group of musicians found each other and formed a new band. This new project has walked on to performing in various venues, keeping alive the lively spark of soulful Americana. Today they’re here presenting their new single!

The band in question is called Southerlies, a group formed by members of other locally well-known bands. Their vision is clear – never stop dreaming because that’s what keeps you alive, and that ethos lends into their beautifully delicate lively music that’s rich with many little pleasant elements. Slow and swaying, speedy and sunny, warm and determined, Southerlies’ sound will fit a lot of moods.

We love to play with melodic riffs and harmonies so there will always be an element of this in the songs. Due to a combined appreciation of rock, country, americana and sometimes blues, you will always get a mix of these thrown in. I write in what ever tempo takes me that day so this can go from the slow “Standing in line” type ballad through to the upbeat rock type song on “A night Like this”.


Their newest release is an emotive single titled “Words“, a song going deep into the core of anyone who has ever struggled to try to explain their feelings and finding how their own mother tongue becomes a huge language barrier. The song features plucked guitar melodies that, with the string companion, bring forth a poignant feeling, forming a shimmery backdrop to lovely male vocals that speak emotions with the kind of clarity one wishes to have when needing to express how they really feel. Add to it the drumming percussion that almost marches, and you get a single that’s soulful, effectively on point, and simply gorgeous.

“We’ve all had one of those times where you find it hard to show your feelings, or even worse find it hard to explain how you feel to someone you really care about, and this ultimately eats you up inside. This is really as much about the battle with mental health in these types of situations. So when you finally decide to do something about these feelings and get out there and achieve what you want to. That is where the idea of this song comes in. Verses are about the battles in your mind when something doesn’t go your way, whether it be job, love life or friendships. Choruses are about the moment you decide to challenge these thoughts and go out there to kick lifes arse.”


Lovely must-hear band for all who love softer gentler indie rock sound, Americana, or even folk!

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