Year of the Fist “Killer On The Road”

We’re glad to announce that Oakland, United States-based rock band Year of the Fist have released a new single, entitled “Killer On The Road.”

Active since 2011 and signed to Heart On Records, Year of the Fist are Squeaky (guitar, vocals), Katie Cash (guitar, vocals), Hal9000 Beers (drums, vocals), and Serge (bass, vocals). After having released their Death Breath Light & Pain LP (2012), Dirty Laundry EP (2016), and Revive Me LP (2019), Year of the Fist have since released several singles throughout 2020; while more recently, they live-streamed and recorded their DCxPC Live 7″ EP, Live at the Ivy Room, on May 15th 2021.

Ivy Room in Albany, California has been Year of the Fist’s East Bay home venue since it was re-established in 2015 by Summer and Lani. Over the years, Year of the Fist have played countless shows, supporting great bands or headlining and playing alongside even more amazing bands. Over the past few years, Year of the Fist has thrown a “Year of the Fistmas” nondenominational rock ‘n’ roll holiday show each December at Ivy Room to benefit local charities. Once venues were shut down in 2020, Year of the Fist decided to put on a virtual Festival of Fistmas at the end of 2020 for Ivy Room and garnered some of their biggest supporters, raising funds to help them keep the lights on even though the venue had been dark for many months.

With the help of the show-going community, some grants from shuttered music festivals and the desire to continue on, Ivy Room began broadcasting live stream concerts from their stage in spring of 2021. Year of the Fist accepted an invitation to live-stream a concert there; and Mr. P, from punk band Call In Dead and the record label/booking agency DCxPC Live (as well as being a longtime friend of Squeaky), reached out to Year of the Fist to see if they’d be interested in putting out a 7” of their show with him.

“Killer On The Road” is Year Of The Fist’s 3rd single released from the resulting DCxPC Live 7″ EP, Live at the Ivy Room. The previous two singles from the live release have been played on over 60 playlists, and the release has garnered press from nearly 40 media outlets. “Killer On The Road” is sure to be as popular as the prior releases, especially with fans of like-minded artists such as Bikini Kill, Lunachicks, Hole, L7, PJ Harvey, and Babes in Toyland. “KOTR is about needing change and finally doing something about it. In 2022 we are working on our next full length along with playing live, as long as it’s safe to do so,” the band says.

The first verse of “Killer On The Road” immediately draws the listener in with its driving, distorted electric guitar riffs, and punchy bass notes, sustained by the propulsive rhythms of the drums. Elements of rock ‘n’ roll, punk, and even grunge can be heard throughout the track, combining synergistically to produce a compelling sound that is further potentiated by the vibrant energy of the live setting; while at the same time, the melodic vocals and vocal harmonies add nicely to the track’s catchy, dynamic atmosphere. “Killer On The Road” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Year of the Fist’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship, not to mention their penchant for excellent live shows. I would highly recommend this track to fans of punk and rock ‘n’ roll alike.

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