John Long – “My Forever”

Few things move artists as much as love. The love for a friend, a son, or in this case a wife. 7 years ago, John Long found himself in front of who would become his special other, his “forever”. Inspired by the feelings he felt that day, the artist created “My Forever“, a beautiful pop song that stands out with its arrangement and production skills.

John Long, a singer/songwriter, and producer from Kansas City, MO, USA, is influenced by many artists but tries to stay in his own lane. He has a voice that’s perfectly suited for a variety of pop music, and that has put him in several popular playlists, Youtube channels, mainstream ads, and even American Idol in 2012.

“I have a full length album very close to finished. I am a worship leader in Kansas City and worship music is my main focus. The album is a very unique sounding project that I am so proud of. It was a 2 year project with 8 songs and it is definitely something to watch out for”. John Long

My Forever” encloses all of John’s production skills, with plucky synths, deep low kicks, and atmospheric synths. Smooth and bouncy, the single takes you on the emotional ride that he felt as he first saw his now-wife. As always, John tries to keep his music inspirational and uplifting, and he does so with a calming vibe and a soothing spirit.

Through the many highs and lows that I have walked through, music has always been my diary. The music I release is an invitation into my beautiful little world.” – John Long

The jumping bass in the track provides the groove along with the steady drums, and you’ll listen to some unusual instruments, like a banjo, which might be a strange selection for a love song but in fact blends in perfectly.

Not happy with only using his own set of skills, John looked for the help of an amazing producer named Terokien. A producer who, according to John, has an exceptional talent and a moving story. Oh, and who happens to be almost completely blind.

I’d dare to assume that John’s wife loved the track, and I think it’s safe to think that you’ll love it too. So, if you like the track, share it with your loved ones!

“Everyone deserves to experience the joy music provides. I work hard to help those that are in need of that joy.” – John Long

This song is special to me since I wrote this about how I met my now wife. It is simply about that sick/nervous feeling of meeting someone you know deep down could be the one you spend your life with and this could be the moment you remember forever. I wanted it to give a sense of “freedom” in this song. I know it seems odd to say but I really feel that when someone finds true love, they are the most free they can ever feel.

John Long

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