Sol Arctica “Dancing Here Always”

Somewhere in Melbourne, Australia, an avid record collector and musician put a needle on plenty of Japanese City Pop as well as Quincy Jones productions. Falling in love with the sound of retro funk, there was a spark of creativity that led the artist to go and experiment with that flavor of sound.

The artist is Chris Lugton, a producer who releases music under the electronic alias Sol Arctica. He’s a man of experimenting, always searching for cool sounds to combine into his own, resulting in expansive genre-crossing instrumental electronic music with elements coming from practically anywhere. For instance, there is a safari-inspired album in his discography, side by side with high-energy retro synth tunes and space-themed singles with each carrying its own little story.

“Expect to be surprised and hear a fair bit of diversity with Sol Arctica as I intend to keep evolving and changing the sound as the journey moves forward.”

His newest sonic experiment with retro funk was initially not even supposed to become a full-fledged single, but things changed quickly when the artist showed the song to Caterina Branca, a jazz/soul singer. And thus, lyrics for the song were born, and the track soon became a full-fledged single “Dancing Here Always“, a sparkly loveful free-spirited funky tune.

While the lyrics don’t have the happiest foundation – a story of a love interest that in the end went nowhere – the song holds that upbeat in-love feeling. It’s a pretty authentic experience of visiting a new city, seeing everything through the hope-tinted positivity, and of course, you’ll be dancing through the streets to that hearty dose of brass tunes. For someone who has gone through quite the same thing, “Dancing Here Always” perfectly captures that moment of dying love story being muted out by the sheer excitement of being out in a new place full of things to experience. And in the end, it’s a wonderfully produced funk single full of golden vibes!

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