I’d like you all to please gather around as you’re about to listen to a true masterpiece. A beautiful alternative rock track with hints of Indie. “Bruised Love” is a pleasant surprise and a true relief for all the struggles still haunting us this 2022.

I’m very glad and excited to introduce you to An Ocean / An Island, a newly formed musical collective from New Jersey & Philadelphia, led by Tyler John and members of the national touring progressive NJ metal act In The Presence of Wolves. A mix between heavy and sweet, “Bruised Love” raises the bar for its genre and delights us with its accomplishments.

What can be said about this single apart from that it sounds amazing and the melodic structure is beautifully dynamic, unexpected, and original. A marvelous experience from start to end, this song deserves all the praise and all your plays!

“For the most part this single is a good representation of what we do, some alternative rock, some indie rock, but we will also eventually release some slower and more intimate tracks.” – AOAI

The band is known for collaborating with highly praised and experienced producers like Christopher Hawthorne (Matthew Mercury & Francesca Blanchard) in their last single, and now with Matt Weber (A Great Big Pile of Leaves), who recorded the track at the Gradwell House in New Jersey.

What an outstanding delivery and masterful craft, everything from songwriting, to production, to mixing and mastering feels polished and carefully tuned. Taking influence from early 2000s post-hardcore with the melodic sense of indie rock groups such as Nada Surf & Death Cab for Cutie, this band finds pride in being a high-energy live act as they begin to tour up and down the east coast in 2022.

“Bruised Love” is a tale of love and loss through the eyes of two people who have been surrounded by drug abuse since childhood. The song explores chasing comfort & relief by any means necessary, and the fallout of being in a state of constant desperation.” – AOAI

An Ocean / An Island will continue to consistently release singles over the next few months, so please stay tuned to know more about them and catch their upcoming EP!

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