Carley Varley “Fall”


Carley Varley delivers a mellow pop song about the courage that it takes to actually do the ‘Fall’ part of “falling in love”. 

After a successful 2021, where she finally began to uncover one of her recent projects, and the release of three diverse but undoubtedly Varley singles (Dirty Laundry, Going Under, and Miss Me?), singer-songwriter Carley Varley is back to work as soon as the year started. 

Fall, proceeding Going Under and Miss Me?, is the third single from her long awaited project, the five-track EP, Seasons. While working on the final steps for the release of the Seasons EP, Carley is currently on the writing stage of her next EP which is also set to be out in 2022.

The inspiration behind Fall is a story with a happy ending, it being the romance between Carley and her now husband, Matt. Through the lens of the past Carley, Fall shows the stage of a person afraid of fully loving someone and letting them become so important in their life in a short period of time. 

About the real life story, Carley adds: “We dated in 2013 and by the autumn/fall I was head over heels but I was also very scared to fall in love so quickly! He was head over heels for me and I was very hesitant but after time (like the song explains) it was easy to see how I fell in love.”

Perhaps unintentionally, as the track focuses only on her own experience, Carley Varley’s new single is reassurement that love and relationships are different for everyone, and that there is no real “right time” to completely commit. While thinking things through is always encouraged, especially when entering a more serious relationship, romance is more based on emotions and listening to our hearts rather than overthinking might hold the true right decision.

Life does not stop for anyone, and chances go and might not come back. Fall does a splendid job of showing the passage of time through mentions of withering flowers and dust covered letters, and it captures the insecurity and anxiety felt during said time even more accurately. Like a theatrical piece or a part of a movie soundtrack, the story told within the single is tight-knit, compelling, and emotive. Accompanied by the piano, the second star of the song, Carley manages to show all the initial stages of falling in love and getting together in only four minutes. 

A song that began as a hook that consists of the repetition of “how did I fall?” grew and became a complete piece, still centered around that one hook, that has come to life thanks to the encouragement of her husband and Carley’s own love for their story. Despite the struggle that finishing the song presented — “I actually finished it whilst recording (…)” — to the artist,  the end product shows how hard effort pays off, and how a happy ending can always be waiting for us at the end of the road, as demonstrated by that final line, “I knew I’d fall”.

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