E.G. Phillips- “The Octopus Song”

Looking around us and those things that surround us is difficult due to the times we live in. We forget that we are surrounded by such beauty and, most importantly, we are not the only ones who live in this world. Plants and animals pass through our eyes as we almost always take them for granted. But a close inspection of them will reveal certain particularities that will slowly reveal what their hiding. E.G. Phillips’s latest single “The Octopus Song” represents the sense of really reflecting about who lives alongside us, watching them really closely until they become something that seems out of this world in this case, an octopus. A calming and bewildering jazz song that infects us with awe.

E.G. Phillips is an American singer-songwriter based on San Francisco whose rise to fame is due to his cool-jazz vibe. Inspired by the recognition of the Octopus as a sentient being by the UK government and by the book The Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery, Phillips wrote “The Octopus Song”, the second single of his upcoming album Alien from an Alternate Earth. Additional musicians included Daniel Casares in the saxophone and Rich Armstrong at the trumpet.

“The Octopus Song” watches carefully and with amazement, the animal this song is dedicated to pondering about the question of consciousness. The lyrics and Phillips’ calming voice invites us to watch an octopus as if it was the first time we have seen it: we soon notice what a particular animal it can be. Its eight tentacles, its behavior, its ability to camouflage and to relate with other living organisms make it an animal that seems to be from another dimension. Musically, Phillips creates an atmosphere that seems mythical. Its instruments and its solos become as otherworldly as an octopus. We feel submerged in a tank alongside this wonderful creature, while it speaks to us and tells us every secret that only their species can comprehend.

“The Octopus Song” is a single that aims to transform the way we see and understand the universe by carefully observing an octopus. E.G. Phillips has made some of the deepest philosophical jazz that has ever existed. All that he needed was to listen to what an octopus can say about music.

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