To The Shelter” will catch up by surprise with its subtle to explosive dynamics. This new track by sibling duo Klashing Black is one hell of a ride so be sure to put your seat belt on. Listen right now to “To The Shelter”.

What starts as a seemingly peaceful and ethereal track, rapidly turns out to be otherwise. Klashing Black, a duo made up of twins Kane and Kyle Benner, have released a very astonishing track that’s meant for every creative being in distress out there.

To The Shelter” is a song created by artists for artists, but it can be enjoyed by anyone.

Imagining a place where artists and all creative types can come together to escape the pressures of daily life that we all face, these brothers came up with the idea for the track. Heavy synths, pushing drums, and growling bass make a powerful contrast with the airy synths and heavenly vocal melodies.

To the Shelter paints a picture of a group of creative people all playing music together.

Klashing Black believes that art is very necessary for this world but it doesn’t actually get the recognition it deserves, its because of this that the artists created this fictional shelter where creative people can go and recharge, and rely on one another.

This song was our attempt to carve out some space in our minds for the things that truly matter. The things that make us who we are!” – KB

Kane and Kyle have been making music since they were kids, inspired by acts like The 1975, Coldplay, and Twenty One Pilots, they began making alternative pop music as a duo. So far, their music has been nothing but exceptional and we can wait to listen to what else they have prepared for us…

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