British artist Sambeb Kierkegaard makes a powerful return with his new power/epic single, “Luna: Luna Moonlight“, a song filled with strong emotions, massive guitar arrangements, and impeccable production. Listen right now to SamSeb’s new single!

After releasing Luna The Invisible Irony, SamSeb continues to show us little pieces of his emo-rock novel, Luna. A novel with a story so profound he had to separate it into different songs. “Luna: Luna Moonlight” is the second chapter, part of his upcoming EP.

On this single, SamSeb picks up with the story of the boy escaping the monster Uncertainty, and the disappearance of his savior, Luna Moonlight.

“‘Luna: Luna Moonlight’ is the second chapter of the story I wrote involving the boy, Luna Moonlight and Uncertainty the Monster. Having escaped the city of Reality, the boy believes that he belongs in the city of Dream and Happiness which in fact actually does not exist. Our heroine Luna Moonlight, who appeared to save the boy and has now disappeared, encourages him to leave the city, to which the boy does not listen. The song depicts the imagery of two conflicting innermost thoughts of facing reality for progression and pursuing delusional hedonism. The boy is haunted by Uncertainty and spoken to by Luna Moonlight which is the manifestation of his unconscious realisation that he needs to face reality. The boy is in constant denial and convinces himself that he belongs in the city of Dreams and Happiness and wants to live forever with Luna who doesn’t exist in reality.” – SamSeb

Here we can appreciate much more SamSeb’s vocal abilities as well as his production skills. I can’t tell if the drums are actually played or computer-generated, and that is no easy accomplishment. The tone of the guitars has a perfect shape, reminding us of bands like My Chemical Romance. Even in certain moments of the song where a huge wall of sound covers our ears, each instrument holds its place and can be easily detected. Amazing!

I don’t know what will come next from SamSeb, but right now I’m completely blown away by his musical talent and vision. The way he manages to blend story and music is completely unique to him and a feat that deserves to keep an eye on.

In the blink of an eye, the mysterious blonde-haired girl disappeared, and there appeared the monster again to leave the boy in a serious injury.

If you’d like to dive deeper into SamSeb’s novel, you can read the first and second chapters right here.

“Luna: Luna Moonlight” is about the dialogue the boy and Luna have which is happening in his head. As the song evolves, new elements fall into place, energy keeps rising and melodies keep changing in a dance of subtle dissonance. A perfect example of harmony, delivered with style and grace.

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