sautereau “What If”

Imagine you meet a person or visit a new place and all of a sudden you’ve never felt so alive and happy before then in these moments you’ve spent with them, in there. And many years later you’ll still remember that special person or place as something magical and invigorating. Today’s artist sautereau knows this feeling really well – her new release is about exactly that.

sautereau, styled with all-lowercase, is a pretty fresh musical alias of Chloe Sautereau, a Swiss singer-songwriter. The alias saw its debut release last year called “Conversation Hearts“, which introduced the artist’s gentle evocative sound and beautiful vocals, speaking in an intimate tongue about life and its more vulnerable sides. That intimacy continues in the artist’s new single, but this time with a twist.

The new song is titled What If” and it brings about the near-magical energy of love and excitement combined. It’s that sort of feeling that comes into play when you meet someone that ends up pretty special, but it can also be one feature of a place you could call an exciting new home. It’s the second one that really inspired this song:

This is the first song I wrote after spending some time in New York before moving here… It’s an ode to the city’s energy as well as the rush you get from being excited about someone you started spending time with. I started writing it in New York and finished it when I got home with all these little moments still really crisp in my mind, and hopefully the song captured this very fresh perspective on something that feels good and new and that you can’t help but think about all day long. I produced it at a distance with Toby May back home (with whom I worked on Conversation Hearts, previously) and then recorded vocals and mixed it at Cove City Studios in Long Island with John Arbuckle. We tried to continue developing an interesting sound palette that blends acoustic and electric guitars, the vibrancy of the city as well as it’s raw- and messiness. “What If” is the second track under my new artist name sautereau, the second of a series of songs that will hopefully be wrapped up into an EP by the end of this year. There’s a video coming soon too!


The song begins with lofi-twinged guitar chords that sound like a memory from the past, which then expands into a full-bodied airy, and wholly positive song. Gentle guitar strums provide shimmer and rhythm, dancing in unison with all the other little elements present in the song, and her rhythmic pleasant vocals loaded with cheerfulness, appreciation, and that sweet everlasting excitement. So what if… this song will make you smile and make the day a little bit brighter? It definitely has the power to do so!

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