Evin- “Fears of Letting Go”

The computer boom during the ’80s had its own visible impact on music. As computers became more mainstream, more people had the opportunity to have one at home and experiment with them. Artists began incorporating synths into their music. These synths had a characteristic sound that would give pop music of this decade its identifiable personality that is easily identifiable today. But as technology progressed, the gap between a synth and a physical instrument became narrower: a synth can now sound like any instrument possible. And yet, some artists decide to revive the classic sound of the ’80s as an artistic choice. Such is the case of today’s featured single “Fears Of Letting Go” by singer-songwriter Evin. “Fears of Letting Go” is groovy, 80’s an inspired pop song with an optimistic message of embracing change and adventuring to new unknown paths.

Evin is an Irish singer-songwriter based in London whose love for music began when his father showed him a recording of 70’s rock group Thin Lizzy. At 18, he decided to move to London to try to pursue his dream. His signature style is characterized by being a hybrid of the sound of the ’80s and the modern-day. “Fears of Letting Go” is the first single from his upcoming debut EP Good Morning World! An original proposal from a young singer-songwriter that is a voyage through time!

In mid-2021, I began to focus my time on writing and producing what has now become my debut EP “Good Morning World”. Pulling inspiration from popular music of the late 1980s and early 90s “Good Morning World” draws from my greatest influences such as George Michael, Elton John, and Sade. I really wanted to make these guys proud if they heard my songs! “Fears of Letting Go”, just like the forthcoming songs that complete “Good Morning World” hold a message of hope and positivity, ensuring the listener that life is made of ups and downs and from what I’ve experienced – without the lows you can’t have the highs. Evin

“Fears of Letting Go” recaptures the optimism that was so prevalent in 80’s pop music. Part ballad, part pop song, it is a groovy song that recalls a nostalgic time through its lyrics and music. The saxophone riff that appears during each chorus captures the spirit of the song. It serves as a perfect combo with the single’s lyrics and vocals. Evin sings emotionally in a style based on his inspirations such as Elton John, but he constructs his own style especially through his delivery and a modern-day touch that blows our minds away!

“Fears of Letting Go” is inspired by Evin’s own personal experiences. With his experimentation with 80’s music, he has built a style that is his own, presenting a strong debut and exciting us for his future EP. Give it a listen now!

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