Jem Doulton “Slow Drive in a Fast Machine”

Hear those psychedelic sounds? It’s none other than Jem Doulton, a prolific and seasoned artist and performer from London, who is back to continue his musical journey. Today’s chapter is called “Slow Drive In A Fast Machine“.

Jem Doulton’s name is practically embedded in the psyche-rock scene of London. He’s a busy and fruitful artist who’s playing drums with Thurston Moore and has toured extensively with Róisin’s band among many other projects he’s partaken in. Through the years he’s met many wonderful inspiring musician friends, and quite a few of which now feature on Doulton’s own solo project – the album titled “Perfect Picture”. So far the artist has released 10 songs off it over the course of a year, including artfully jagged “The Roam“, ultra-psychedelic “The Cows Came Home“, floaty “Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes)” and the slightly cosmic and fairly unsettling “My Brain’s In My Skin“. Each song has provided a stunning palate of layered sounds as if you’re on a drug-infused mental trip through an alternate world, open to a vulnerable level and experiencing everything on previously unknown tangents.

The new single takes us on a warm-sounding journey into what could be Californian mountains in an alien world. Hearing the smooth vocals and the echoing radio broadcast of ecstatic guitar riffs, there are a lot of familiar little elements that have been sort of evicted from normal life and brought into this. And then it starts to feel like you’re near a cosmic highway where vehicles that would be the regular world’s Cadillacs and Mercedeses have become stunning alien technology shooting past. That’s “Slow Drive in a Fast Machine”, a cruise in colorful sunny weather, feeling the warm breeze and those slow utterly pleasing bass notes under a lot of shimmery sounds flying past. The intoxicating mental haze clears up letting to experience everything with heightened senses, but at the same time, you’ll smoothly lose contact with the mundane reality. It’s not like you’d want to escape anyway.

It is an Experience with a capital E and one you wouldn’t want to miss. Must-hear for all fans of psychedelic music!

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