Coming straight up to Earth, a devilish creature rises like a hound of hell to deliver a nasty bite. The unholy infractions of this Brighton musical encounter have damaged the purest and honest souls out there. Without a question, The Hell Beings smother everything in their path with their twisted, hellish rhythm. Their new single “Wind Your Neck” is no exception.

Picture yourself at a roadhouse bar, miles away from home. It’s late at night, the moon has fully risen and a soft, white fog covers your surroundings. As you ask for a beer to the barman, who looks anything but kind, a three-piece of black-dressed men step into the stage with nothing but a guitar, bass, and a pair of beaten-up drum sticks.

The Hell Beings start their infernal act and begin to play. The bar trembles, people lose their minds. Blood, sweat, and tears cover you up as you surrender to the hypnotic embrace of their demonic chant. And you dance, you shout, you cry… Suddenly and ineluctably you realize you’ve been taken, taken by the inevitable force of this garage/punk rock beast and dragged back down to hell where you now belong. All hail The Hell Beings.

Some say their music is a mix of Mötorhead meets Nirvana, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Striking with a brutal force, The Hell Beings will suck you in towards their hell-bent rock and roll.

For fans of MC5, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Bad Brains.

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