Unknown but Essentials! (January 2022)

January 31, 2022.

Hey, I hope you’re doing great my dear music lovers’ friends, this is a new round-up for you all, I have this idea in mind, sometimes we miss some really cool tracks and that’s not fair, so I decide to create this new playlist called Unknown But Essentials!

Here you have 14 great tracks for your enjoyment, don’t forget to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from those who have).


1- Black Pixels  Hurricane is the debut single from Post Pop band Black Pixels, released on 14/01 on their own imprint B REC. Mournful vocals melodies and lo-fi instrumentation mix with strings and a wall of guitars. the song is the first in a series of singles that will culminate in the release of their debut album.

2.- Wodan Boys So Damn Much. is a modern take on a rock love song. Released last Friday (January 28th) on their own DIY recordlabel Never Gold. The band’s new EP Wodan Boys II will be released on the 25th of March. It’s a peptalk, a love song and a bunch of personal statements against those who look away or feel unfairly disadvantaged. It’s catchy, edgy, clamorous and feels urgent. Wodan Boys is a four-piece post punk band from The Netherlands, and this is their new single.

3.- Snayx, are breaking into 2022 with ‘Cigarette’; their riff rollercoaster follow-up to acclaimed 2021 single ‘False Friends’. Centred upon the feelings of being addicted to unhealthy relationships & breaking bad habits, this fiery, gut-punch of a track is exactly what’s needed to blow away the January Blues.

4- Tuff Ghost takes you on a psychedelic journey with her new track “cold and grey”. A downtempo and meditative listen, for anyone who is currently pondering the moment between waking up and the last fleeting dream-moments. The space between earthly responsibilities, and disembodied freedom of consciousness.

5.- Lie Supne Be Alright  AKA Zachariah Storm hailing from the coast of North Wales. The band was born during Covid lockdown. I basically took alot of my material from over the years and re wrote and redefined it.  I’ve been jamming the songs with friends and family and will have a set line up pretty soon.

After playing and touring in a few bands over the years, I feel like I’ve finally got the sound I always wanted. I’ve got loads of material recorded which I’m gonna bombard the world with in 2022, then start live performances.

6.- Douglas Savage, Slye San Francisco Disco was the first track that we wrote together. It’s existed in various forms for almost 3 years now and we’ve used it as the closer for every live show we’ve done so far. The track revolves around the idea of having a place to escape to and allowing yourself to let loose/have fun even during the toughest times. The live version includes not one, but two dance breaks, and allowed me to discover I could do ‘the worm’ live onstage

7- Harold Journey  is what would have happened if Orville Peck had embodied the dirtier and darker version of Johnny Cash, gotten into a time machine that broke down mid journey and sent him to another dimension where L.A. had merged and melted together with Miami, and where no one ever really left the eighties. With a theatrical presentation Harold Journey is an electronic pop singer songwriter with a vendetta. A classic revenge story. His songs about lost love and his life as a drifter tell the story of a man with nothing left to lose, giving life one last shot. Give it a listen to Beach Bum. By the way his upcoming single “Maybe There’s More” is coming out tomorrow February 1st.

8.- Daybright My Head’s In The Clouds  This song is about being locked into the vision you have for your career, it may at times feel like you are losing your mind and that your family thinks you are crazy but you just gotta keep going and see the future you want to see. When I wrote this song I imagined everything I wanted and put that feeling into the song.

9.- The Bigger Picture Empires   The lyrics delve into the feeling and struggle of dealing with loss and regret, trying to revive a weakened awareness that still drives for a brighter status quo, it’s both a fierce cry for help and a hymn for acceptance and recognising a path to follow in order to achieve a better mindset, to build a place within our heads that truly belongs to us, where we can have control and be safe like inside of a mind palace, a mental sovereignty, a personal Empire.

10.- The Rosemaries Born out of the UK’s various lockdowns, Billy’s lyrics span a wide range of topics, from apathetic disdain to politically tinged monologues to verbose metaphor filled love ballads. Hullabaloo details the narrator’s apathetic disdain towards high art, polite society. Working on one level as a social commentary, but also as a love song, there is something for everyone in Hullabaloo.

11.- SALt are a four-piece alternative band based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Combining emotive and honest lyricism with raw and raucous guitars, their unique alt pop sound takes influences from post-punk and beyond.  Looking back to the hedonistic days..when folk had too good a time and felt on top of the world…But the routine of it all becomes dull like a bad joke….Tumbleweed rolling through our life… It’s meant to be a fun song, or at least poking fun at something that’s meant to be so fulfilling that is really empty and as pointless as a drugged up monkey. No monkeys were harmed writing this song.

12.- The Hot Takes  Lasso are a genre-defying three piece act based out of London, the UK. Comprised entirely of ex-pats, the band found each other in London, forming just before the coronavirus pandemic and deciding to hone their trade when restrictions allowed and recording their debut EP remotely. ‘Lasso’ is the second release the band have made, one of many more to come.

13.- The Static Wake Natural Selection begins with a blistering intro that leans heavily into the group’s crunchy and technical guitar skills before the drums enter and build the overall suspense of where the track is headed. As the track grows beneath the guitars, drums, and melodic synth work, frontman Radames Colón’s vocals metaphorically punch the listener in the mouth, opening the track with, “Fade with the memories of what we try to forget/A planet doomed and forsaken.”

14.- Lavender Honey Need Your Love is a great debut single that It focuses on fighting our inner doubts and demons.

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