Melody Nife “Everything Is Possible”

It goes without saying that the world today has really gone down the drain. Sometimes it’s really hard to see any goodness in all that mess, when all you hear are bad news coming from multiple fronts. Melody Nife seeks to change this with his newest release, aiming to re-instill positivity into one’s soul. A ray of hope and optimism for anyone who might need it.

Melody Nife is a musical alias of a Chicago-based producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Asher. He’s a deeply spiritual artist. Inspired by a slew of artists ranging from the classics to modern acts, such as the Beatles, Beck, The Chemical Brothers and Bob Dylan, Melody Nife is a hybrid of electronica keeping the essence of being a human at a special place. Sharing his concerns, hopes and believes of a better society with the world, his music feels a bit like a message from alternate universe, aiming to help change the path for the better.

His new song is definitely like a projection of hope and guidance. It’s even aptly titled as “Everything Is Possible“, to further introduce that feeling of optimism, and it’s a short yet delightful song. The transient atmosphere taking place between those glowing low synth notes and little passing blips is a carrying medium to his vocoder-treated message that sometimes fades a little like a signal with changing quality. But it never disappears and instead grows even stronger in the choruses with female backing vocals echoing his words. The broadcast-like single begins with a choral bit almost like a message from outer heavens, and grows with passion with strong piano chords placing weight onto his words, before finishing by reassuring “Everything is possible” and fading into the ether.

So there you have it – a message of hope from out where, coming in the shell of electronica carrying hints from 80s to today.

“If folks are listening to this and they like it, feel free to reach out. This is one song out of several hundred produced since 2002. Most of them were released a at some point but are no longer streaming. I’m looking for a strategic partner”.

Melody Nife

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