Prince of Sweden poetic new track “Garrison Lane”

Influenced by the songwriting and lyricism of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave, Prince of Sweden’s newest single “Garrison Lane” is a chill and dark track that fuses poetic lyrics with a rich sound. “Garrison Lane” is a complex single whose different layers of instruments and Prince of Sweden’s characteristic vocals converge to create something unique and never heard before.

I wrote Garrison Lane last year and basically wanted to write something a bit bigger with more depth in terms of instrumentals. I got quite obsessed with Nick Cave which was probably part of the reason. I’ve got a friend who’s a sound engineer and she was able to book the studio in east London where Alt J recorded their last album. And that’s about it really. I don’t have a band so I recorded each instrument one at a time and another friend did some filming so hopefully there’ll be a video as well at some point. –Prince of Sweden

Prince of Sweden is a singer-songwriter based in South London. His previous EP Live From a Dark Room was met with critical acclaim, with praise for his lyrics, songwriting, and vocals. “Garrison Lane” is the follow-up single in which Prince of Sweden expands his talent to the next degree, taking the best aspects of his EP and elaborating them to reach a point of complexity rarely seen these days.

“Garrison Lane” is full of poetic images in its lyrics. His deep, raspy, and distinct voice builds and dotes them of a certain magical sense. It makes it seem as if they are images that we are seeing in a dreamlike state. The music enhances the experience as it builds a dark atmosphere through its interaction with each instrument: the dark, guitars, the strings, the piano, and the drums. And yet, there is a sense of nostalgia, as if the images that the artist is expressing through his music were those of memory itself. “Garrison Lane” immerses the listener with a mesmerizing sound, capturing them and never letting them go.

With “Garrison Lane” Prince of Sweden expands his poetic tools and musical prowess from his previous releases which, in their own right, already demonstrated his talent to formalize abstract sensations into music which invites the listener to come back to them to decipher them out. It is a track that should not be missed out!

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