Twin Stranger “Sweat”

We’re glad to announce that South Wales, United Kingdom-based power pop band Twin Stranger have released a new single, entitled “Sweat.”

Led by Welsh singer and multi-instrumentalist Alex McConnachie, the four-piece outfit started out as a bedroom recording project, and has since evolved into a full live band. Twin Stranger released three singles in 2020 as well as the Carefully EP in 2021, which includes the track “Early Dreamer” (our review here).

The band’s latest single, “Sweat” (released today via Rose Parade Recording Co.) is no exception to their reputation for exquisite songwriting. However, the single expands upon Twin Stranger’s previous conventions with its atmosphere and energy, bringing a new flavor to Welsh power pop.

Frontman Alex is an active part of the production process, and his attention to detail in this track is quite evident. “Sweat” achieves an expansive soundscape twinned with the intimacy of Alex’s delicate vocals. The track immediately catches the listener’s ear with its powerful synth embellishments, reminiscent of Talking Heads and Roxy Music. Meanwhile, the carefully considered guitars provide a luscious backdrop as the vocals shine on top.

The song explores an all-too-relatable facet of our current, media-centric world. The listener is immediately challenged to consider current online conventions: “Revised photo in your magazine, is that what you want to believe?” The lyrics confront the presentation of online personas and question our society’s acceptance of fabricated reality.

“Sweat” will be the first release of many in 2022 for the avant pop/alt-indie band.

The track begins with a catchy electric guitar melody, its reverb-laden notes cooly echoing amidst bright synth arpeggios, while driven by the propulsive rhythms of the bass and drums. As the first verse begins, Alex’s compelling vocals are nicely underscored by introspective guitar chords, together creating a contemplative atmosphere that perfectly accompanies the track’s questioning lyrics; while the memorable chorus that follows is colored by dynamic guitar melodies and vibrant synth notes. After the next verse, a thoughtful bridge section featuring powerful drum rhythms and evocative lyrics brings the listener to a turning point, before the guitars and synths return for a concluding chorus.  

“Sweat” is quite an enjoyable listen, showcasing Twin Strangers’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of power pop and alternative/indie music alike.

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