This Dublin-based songwriter delivers a graceful and original musicality that can be compared to some of the best Rock artists out there. “Burned Out” is a mellow rock track with enchanting drama and relaxing melodies that turn into an anthemic sound. Listen now!

Originally from France, PRTLND started playing guitar at a very young age and slowly began to pursue a music career playing in bands as a teenager and in college. He even worked as an intern in Sony Music and Virgin Music France in the late 90’s, but decided to put music on the side when he moved to Ireland 17 years ago!

Now, Mathieu Cote, AKA PRTLND, is back from his hiatus and he’s ready to release his music this 2022! “Burned Out” is the artist’s second single release after his debut single “Into The Distance” was released on 25th Feb, which by the way was very well received and has gathered somewhere along 12k streams on Spotify. Right on!

PRTLND’s influences are vast but most of them are strongly based in the 90’s. From QOTSA and Foo Fighters, to early Radiohead and Teenage Fanclub. He’s recently fallen in love with the sound of female artists like Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers or Deep Sea Diver. All this influences have helped PRTLND to create his own professional sound, and as an audio engineer himself, you can be sure that he knows what he wants.

The single is a “love lost” type of track. A breakup song if you may. It is about a sad reality that many couples face: the falling out of love in a relationship where both parts thought it’d last forever. Certainly a sad topic, but PRTLND owns his craft and delivers a professional sound that amazes deeply.

PRTLND records every instrument by himself at his home studio in Dublin, and for the mixing of his two singles he worked with Nashville’s mixing engineer Dylan Pines (

It took a long time to get mixed as I got quite peculiar with what I wanted, I had the chance of working (remotely) with a very patient mixing engineer! The lyrics (although I’m no Bob Dylan) came out in about two hours one evening, the fastest I’ve ever wrote lyrics!!” – PRTLND

PRTLND has 4 more songs ready to be released this year and he’s planning to tour and release an EP end of year or early next year, so you better stay tuned!

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