Route 500 – “Not Today”

Route 500 puts us in an emotional trance, where laid-back melodies clash with heavy/deep lyricism. A bittersweet observation of life and its dissociative states. For fans of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Cat Power. LISTEN NOW!

Not Today” hits a nerve on our most sensible side. A contradicting mixture of mellow sounds and dark emotions. After their last single The Slowest Sting, Route 500 returns once again to penetrate through our feelings with ardor and melodious excitement.

Inspired by the moments when you don’t wanna engage with the world, “Not Today” presents a solitary personality, some might even say cold. A reclusion of sorts into the deep of the mind as an intent to escape what lays on top. This track focuses on the way we tend to create any kind of distraction just to make ourselves numb, wanting to be left alone, and just let the time pass.

With soft guitar melodies, acoustic and electric, the song finds support in the laid-back beat of the drums, and the simple but evoking bass line. Vocals are compelling and harmonious, reaching into the deep of our subconscious, almost haunting us with the power of its vibration.

Growing ever more, the song builds up with a slow crescendo that pushes and pulls us like an emotional tidal wave, a ravaging force reminding us just how much we can actually feel. As soon as the song ends, we are left with this weird sensation of peace, and a strange sense of wonder between mixed feelings.

This is Route 500’s second single release, preceding their upcoming album coming later this year. They will play London’s prestigious St Pancras Old Church for the first time as a four-piece in June 29.

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