Tamara Jenna – “Esmeralda”

This Birmingham rapper/singer pulled inspiration from Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame to create a dark-trap beat filled with R&B vocals and spit-firing rap abilities. “Esmeralda” is a homage to the beautiful fictional character who showed the Hunchback love and understanding. LISTEN NOW!

Tamara Jenna is a Birmingham born Alternative R&B/Rap artist who likes to address issues like mental health, love, and loss; as she did in her debut album ‘Pleasure From Pain”. Now, the singer is back with a brand new track that offers a POV from Victor Hugo’s character, the Hunchback, speaking of how the beautiful Esmeralda made him feel when he was used to being abused and feared.

The track is a hip-hop style beat with obscure overtones. Produced by Lex Nour, the beat offers a strong drum section with lots of groove supported by a wobbling 808 bass. Backward violins, soft bells, and a string section, deliver the melodic atmosphere as Tamara spits fast bars, managing a witty and satisfying performance.

The notion that, even when amidst the darkness, there’s always something or someone beautiful waiting to teach you a lesson, was what inspired Jenna for this track. In fact, it is actually inspired by someone in Tamara’s life that helped her through some of her darkest moments. In the lyrics you can hear, and even feel, the gratitude The Hunchback (Tamara) feels, offering appreciation for everything that Esmeralda did for him.

There’s a lot of movement in the track, whether because of the trap drums or Tamara’s rhymes, leaving you with an uplifting energy that lingers within you and pushes you to listen the track once more after it’s finished. Oh, and by the way, this track is one of several in a project named ‘Nightmares to Fairy tales’, so we can expect more from Jenna coming soon!

Tamara’s single titled ‘Mary J’ ft CGH was featured as part of Abbey Road’s 90th Anniversary celebrations where it was chosen by Sound On Sound Magazine Editor in Chief ‘Sam Inglis’ to be critiqued in the one and only studio two by Abbey Road Engineers. All of whom “really loved the track”.

Her debut album ‘Pleasure From Pain‘ is on sale at HMV Vault Birmingham.

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