Chloey Rose “Golden Sun”

A beautiful artist with a great voice has a story to tell. Wrapped into the frames of a song, the story you’re about to hear is multilayered in both meaning and sound, and it’s a golden single perfect for all looking for romantical summertime songs filled with emotion and dreams.

The artist in question is Chloey Rose, a Lincolnshire-based singer-songwriter and otherwise a creative soul full of beauty – she’s also an actress and model. Weaving gentle shimmering indie songs full of soul and melancholy, Chloey’s music caresses with breezy acoustic atmospheres. Decisively minimal in execution, yet rich and vibrant-sounding, Chloey’s sound easily fits the task of soundtracking the listener’s life and filling it with a sense of magic.

Her new song is another chapter added to the cluster of magical soundtracks. Marrying emotive vocals with airy guitar strumming and melodies that follow her voice, the single becomes an open-armed invitation to a day off in a beautiful summery location, described by Chloey as a breath of fresh air. This single sounds like a love song, but with emphasis off from the usual romantic stuff. Instead, “Golden Sun” highlights the themes of self-love and growth, becoming the person you want to be.

“I hope the listeners feel uplifted by the song. I really hope they become the best version of themselves and who they aspire to be. The song is about having self-belief in what you can achieve, and if you are brave and keep trying to realise your dreams. I am hoping the lyrics will tell the listeners not to be afraid to step out of their fears which might hold them back and walk forward stepping out ‘into the Golden Sun’. I feel the song signifies hope and change and I can imagine listeners enjoying this track whilst on holiday, just chilling or on a road trip.”

Chloey Rose

“Golden Sun” is out now on your favourite streaming platforms!

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