Moses Mikheyev – “Black Sky, White Moon”

This is a wonderful, soothing track perfect for all you lovebirds out there. “Black Sky, White Moon” is as pure and loving as a child, with a sweet interpretation and a warm sound. LISTEN NOW!

Hello everybody, welcome back! It’s a pleasure to greet you once again after a nice long weekend. It’s your boy MadZen, and today we will start the week with a tender track that will caress you with it’s hypnotic chant. I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend, and that you’re ready for this week’s tracks!

Ok guys, let me introduce you to Moses Mikheyev, a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles who finds influence in bands like Coldplay, The Killers, Keane, The Paper Kites, and The National, amongst others. This track is his second single release from his upcoming album I ONLY HAVE A HUNDRED YEARS TO LOVE YOU (Which will be released in September 2023).

“Black Sky, White Moon” was written after Moses fell in love with a Spanish girl back in Seattle! He captured that magical moment as they kissed under the night sky, with the stars flickering in the distance. A romantic moment that seemed to last forever, captured within a song.

I wrote the song for a Spanish girl I fell in love with back in Seattle in 2018. One night we were out and about, and we ended up in a darkly lit parking lot. It was getting late and cold, so I started my car to warm it up. Left my iPhone in the car as well. I was supposed to just kiss her Goodnight, you know, and, instead, we ended up making it for a few hours. I thought she was pure magic. So under that black sky and white moon, I thought I could love her for a hundred years. A year later, after she had left me, I wrote the song in memory of that very moment. It was beautiful, even magical, and I wanted to celebrate my love for her. I guess I’m romantic like that.” – Moses Mikheyev

For this track, Moses teamed up with producer/musician Brandon Zano (West Hollywood) and David Gavrishov (Vancouver, Washington). They recorded everything using analog gear and tape machines, giving the track its warm, thick organic sound. Inspired by Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know.”, the result is a very gratifying listening experience.

You will hear Moses’ sweet and softly sung vocals, warm acoustic guitars delivering charming romantic melodies, powerful percussion and a steady drumbeat that heighten the excitement within the track all creating that lingering moment of bliss where Moses and his lover united as one under a white moon…

“After a few hours of making out, I got back into my car, which was really hot by then, and my iPhone was giving me error messages saying it was shutting down to to critical heat. I thought that was hilarious.” – Moses Mikheyev

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