Paul Crupi – “Lemonade”

This track is a reminder that life isn’t to be taken that seriously. “Lemonade” presents a chilled spirit of acoustic and electric guitars, laid-back drums, and softly sung vocals. A pretty representation of the famous saying: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! LISTEN NOW!

Hello, hello everybody! Good morning, good evening, good night, wherever you are. It’s your boy MadZen and today we will be reviewing a great upcoming single by this Canadian artist. But first, I wish you’re all well, healthy, succeeding / not giving up. Now, onto the single!

Paul Crupi is a singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Canada. His main influences are City & Colour (Dallas Green), the Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys, and many many others. He also loves the classics like D’Angelo who inspires him vocally, and Matthew Good Band who writes impactful songs that have a lot of grit in the vocals.

In Lemonade, Paul delivers the message that, in life, we do not have to take everything all at once. It’s all about the little steps, the daily rewarding habits, the slow-burning construction of ourselves. A message that tells us to stop running, because life is not a race. We must focus on what really matters, which for Paul is being happy and good to your loved ones. The rest doesn’t really matter at all.

The track was wrote after Paul was playing a bit of Oasis on his acoustic guitar. He soon came up with the main idea, but had a totally different approach towards the lyrics. It was his friend and co-writer Marty Zylstra who emphasized that “let’s make lemonade” was a really strong concept. What began as a New Year’s resolution song, turned out to be much less specific, and more about being grateful.

Paul gathered round great musicians for the creation of Lemonade, including Rene Lacko (lead guitar), Marek Skvarenina (organ), and Vladislav Leskovsky (drums) who also happens to mix and master all of Paul Crupi’s tracks. And he found them all online!

This year was challenging for me with everything from the pandemic, to having my first child, to also eventually leaving a job I disliked. A lot of pressure was on me but it also reminded me that life is good and I am grateful for the things I do have. I used to write about heartbreak and loss but after the birth of my daughter my perspective has changed and now I really see how valuable and short life is. It has changed my music to more optimistic and has made things more catchy and upbeat.” – Paul Crupi

Optimistic in deed, this track has a strong and beautiful message. And the instrumentation finishes to capture those positive energies. So, we invite you to give this track a chance, we promise you won’t regret it. Waste no more time and press that PLAY BUTTON NOW!!!

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