Silas Armstrong – “Silver”

This is an upbeat, feel-good track perfect for closing the summer. “Silver” is the perfect addition to any drive-time/road trip playlist. LISTEN NOW!

Hello my friends! Welcome back. It’s me, MadZen, and today we will make you feel good with this brand new Indie Pop single! Brought to us by emerging artist Silas Armstrong, this song is a fantastic interpretation of what summer feels like, and a great gift for the one who gave us birth: Mom! Let’s get to it!

Ok guys, so, Silas Armstrong is a Brixton, UK artist who has lots of experience in the music world. From working alongside Rick Astley, to speaking music with Quincy Jones, this man has a lot of miles under his feet. He draws influence from his parents and artists from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. In fact, Armstrong calls his music “Emotional pop, with the energy of my upbringing; soul, r&b, hip hop and rock”.

“Silver” is inspired by Armstrong’s mother, and it captures a nostalgic feeling thanks to its doo wop -esque vocals. The song opens up with vibrant synths, leading way to the magical dance between the tight drums and the silky bass. Armstrong’s vocals are youthful, shining with a glittering light verse after verse.

Silver is a song about my mother. She is the silver lining I refer to in the lyrics. I wrote the song as a gift for her after she was getting jealous I’d written so many songs about my father (which is most of my debut EP ‘So Much For Love’). My mum and dad were in a band together in the 80s, a lot of my inspiration comes from them.” – Armstrong

There’s an overall sense of magic and thankfulness to the track, boosted by high-gain lead guitars and even a saxophone solo. As the song comes to its end, we are left with the sensation of a journey taken, leading us back home.

I’m actually excited because this is Armstrong’s first release of a new album campaign with regular single releases each month from September 2022 until February 2023. We cannot wait to listen to what the British artist has yet to offer!

My music comes from the heart, sometimes a broken one and other times full of love. I write songs that mean something to me, I hope others find my music relevant to them too.” – Armstrong

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