Sano Hill – “Sing Out Loud”

This track invites us to be here now. To come to terms with our fears and insecurities and realizing that life is short, so we must make the best of it. “Sing Out Loud” uplifts with its positive and encouraging message. A brave new single from Sano Hill! OUT NOW!

What’s going on my friends, it’s MadZen and today we continue to deliver fresh new, exciting tracks that will make your heart sing. This time our good Irish friend and musician, Sano Hill, is making a comeback (very soon) with a vibrant and emotional Folk Rock track. Man, did I felt the U2 vibes!

In case you don’t remember, Sano Hill is a great Irish musician who debuted just a couple of months ago in the blog with The Climb, later followed by Starting Over and CircleWalk. It seems like the Galway-based artist continues to up his songwriting game and polishing his sound, for his new upcoming track is the best sounding yet.

“Sing Out Loud” is about an artist coming to terms with life and finding his voice and singing again after a period of not performing. Reconnecting with life and other people. According to Sano, it’s about coming to terms with fears and insecurities and appreciating the importance of every moment, to fully engage with life again. With a full production of acoustic and electric guitars, tight drums, clean bass and light percussion, “Sing Out Loud” inspires with its heart-felt vocals and uplifting melodies.

You will listen to a beautiful instrumentation reinforced by Sano’s unique vocals with a magnificent high-reaching tone. What starts as a light Folk Rock track soon turns into an upbeat Indie Rock track with energetic drums, embellished with clean acoustic guitars and chiming electric guitar melodies. And of course Sano’s heavenly vocal harmonies had to make and appearance!

It’s a song I wrote during the pandemic and speaks to concerns I suspect were shared by many musicians, and people in general as we returned to normal life after a period of enforced restrictions, rules, etc. The song is about letting go and beginning again and having the confidence to ‘Sing Out Loud’.” – Sano Hill

Hill is preparing to release his new album, “If Not Now, When?”, and this is the fourth single release that precedes it. His message is about reconnection, with the world and each other, a feat that every one of us could benefit from right now.


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