Blueprint Tokyo “Say Anything”

We’re glad to announce that Oklahoma City, United States- and Lethbridge, Canada-based indie rock duo Blueprint Tokyo just released a brand-new single entitled “Say Anything.”

Having played concerts across the United States for years, Andy and Kevin more recently formed their new band, called Blueprint Tokyo. Kevin was then unfortunately diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease when the duo were nearly full-time musicians, which prevented him from playing music. Not having insurance, his diagnosis and medical treatment were eventually made possible through charities, personal debt, and benefits. Now that Kevin is healthy again, the duo have restarted their musical journey with new songs, and a new band name.

After releasing their EP A Whole New Life (our review here) as well as a single entitled “Pretend It’s January” in 2021, Blueprint Tokyo have returned with the first single from their upcoming EP. “Say Anything” is a fun song that takes some dark themes and makes them approachable, bringing together a few styles with a bit of a modern retro vibe. “Say Anything” was recorded in Alberta Canada, Oklahoma City, and in Los Angeles. 

Say Anything” is introduced by a distant, icy synth melody accompanied by syncopated drumming, and as the first verse soon begins, the song becomes amplified with resounding clarity. While underscored by deep bass notes, the wintry synth textures nicely complement the low, dual vocal melodies and thoughtful lyrics that join in for the first verse. Sustained, echoing guitar chords then highlight the next refrain, while a piano-like synth lead and distorted guitar chords later enter the mix during the following passages, building up perfectly towards the song’s captivating chorus. Throughout “Say Anything,” there is a unique and wonderful synergy between the impassioned vocals and the melodic and textural aspects of the instrumental work, bringing about a mood that is steeped in reflection yet compellingly evocative. 

Say Anything” is quite an enjoyable listen from beginning to end, again showcasing Blueprint Tokyo’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative- and indie rock alike.

“Say Anything” Is Out Now!!!

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