Dronningen – “Superstardom”

This is an intense Electro-Rock track with a heavy dose of danceability. “Superstardom” aims towards unlocking our true potential, without letting us become what everybody else wants us to be.


What’s going on guys? It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will get freaky, quirky, and dance along to a frantic beat filled with sharp synths, fat bass, and uplifting melodies. Brought to us by this Italian super duo, this track shocks the listener with a fast-paced groove and magnetic energy. Let’s get it!

With a touch of irony, the band wants to convey a powerful message to all those people that, even for once, have acted as their own enemy.

Dronningen was created by Italian artists, Beatrice Bonnano (vocals/guitar) and Vito Cerasia (lead guitar), who actually met in South-East London in 2014, where they are currently based. So far they’ve already released 3 EP’s, as well as their last single “Theatrical Love”, and have performed in several countries such as the United Kingdom (ComicCon festival, Lancaster festival, Stoke Newington festival, The Stow festival etc.), Sweden (Live at Heart festival), France (Zik en Noue festival) and India (Indiegaga Festival & Music Mojo TV Show).

Follows the duo’s well established style of danceable songs, high-energy live shows and a quirky aesthetic, “Superstardom” is an upbeat Electro Rock track about fighting self-sabotage, overcoming your comfort zone and ultimately reaching a flourishing state after actively working towards fulfilling your goals, without inhibitions.

You can expect fuzzy guitar hooks, anthemic choruses and danceable beats, as well as a powerful vocal delivery by Beatrice. The amount of energy in this track makes you wanna get off your seat and vibe to its freakish rhythms. Supported by a solid beat and a fat bass line, the high-octane synths bring forward a tense and dynamic style that meets with an unapologetic attitude.

Superstardom’ is an invitation to unlock your unique potential unapologetically and fight the self-sabotage attitude arising from society’s paralysing pressure. It seems like we are never good enough, young enough, perfect enough —but that’s simply not true. The only way to thrive is to give voice to your uniqueness. That’s what this is all about.” – Dronningen

Coming up next is a filmed studio session of the song at The Park Studios in London as well as the official video, both will be released between Oct-Nov 2022. Dronningen has resumed playing live shows in 2022 and are looking forward to playing further shows within the UK and abroad in 2023.

LISTEN NOW “Superstardom”!!!

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