Sleeping Together – “Money & Nicotine”

This is an exciting new track that captures the listener as it unfolds into an anthemic Indie Rock track. “Money & Nicotine” challenges that member of a group who’s always looking for the new thrill, instead of focusing on what matters.


What’s going on everybody! Welcome back. It’s your thrill chaser, MadZen, and today I’m very hyped up about sharing this track with you! Brought to us by this newly formed, UK Indie Rock band, this single delivers a fantastic Rock beat with intoxicating, hooky melodies. Let’s get to it!

Sleeping Together is a Manchester-based band created in 2022 which emerged out of the other side of lockdown, through Facetime! Representing the North-West, the band consists of Alexander Lloyd-Jones (Vocalist), Jason Javier Dominguez (Drums), Ryan Williams (Bass Guitar) and Mike Corry (Lead Guitar). These guys are clearly talented, and you don’t wanna miss their upcoming new track.

“Money & Nicotine” is the successor of Sleeping Together’s debut single ‘Summer Girl’, a song that was dubbed one of John Kennedy’s three ‘Hot Ones’ on his Radio X show, and amassed 4k streams on Spotify in its first month! Now, this track invites us to focus on what’s important, and not on the cheap thrills.

The song has a wonderful massive drumbeat, a solid accompanying bass, super dope guitar melodies and a hooky lyricism that makes more and more sense as the song moves forward. It’s a very Indie Rock-type track with a subtle Hard Rock foundation that enchants with its amount of cool. As the song unfolds, we are left with an explosive burst of energy and a anthemic vibe that just feels damn right.

Money & Nicotine is the second of several songs resulting from the creative collaboration of Sleeping Together, producer Tayte Nickols of Manchester’s Madfox studio and mastering engineer Matt Colton of Metropolis studios.

The single will also be accompanied by a music video, shot with Sam Corcoran. For this, Sleeping Together held a nightclub-style event, attended by fans, at the Rebellion club in Deansgate, Manchester. It is said to channel the energy of Project X, as it embraces the ‘live for the moment’ vibe of Money & Nicotine and Sleeping Together, whilst celebrating their growing fanbase.

It is a pretty fun track, so


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