Shady Oaks – “Out Of Town”

Who’s knew a single riff could be presented in some many ways? “Out of Town” is a very interesting new single that encompasses the fierce frequencies of Heavy Rock and blends it up with just a little smidge of Pop.


What’s going on everybody! It’s your escape artist, MadZen, and today we will run away from our problems and hit the road with “Out Of Town”. Brought to us by this pretty awesome band from Denver, USA, this track invites us to leave this place and never look back. Let’s get it!

Shady Oaks was created by Ty Gallaway (Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals), Loren Dorland (Vocoder & Dual Lead Vocal), Isaac Vance (Rhythm Guitar), Jonah Samp (Drums), and Brendan Lamb (Bass). Between them there’s a wide variety of influences that span from really loud fuzzy Rock, to Pop, Classical music and all jazzy Rock styles.

“Out of Town” is their newest single release, preceding their upcoming album which will arrive this October 30, and it puts out on display the effective, musical, and professional relationship these guys have. While Gallaway loves Jack White, The Dead Weather, Gary Clark Jr. , early Black Keys, and Fuzz; Loren is the queen of Pop, and so she rounds them out and helps them stay relevant to more popular styles. She also records, produces and mixes all of their tracks!

This track was born after Ty found himself going through a messy breakup, and so he hit the road with his (now girlfriend) to the mountains the next day. “It kinda felt like we were never coming back home. Everything behind us was on fire and all we could see was the open road.”, Ty explains.

The result is an explosive track with huge doses of energy, cleverly disguised as a more Soft Rock track. To our surprise, what seemed like an easy walk in the park suddenly becomes a massive Rock & Roll experience. Making use of a recurrent riff, Shady Oaks show how much you can do with a few simple notes using dynamism, and loads and loads of distortion.

The bridge in the single offers a break for contemplation, a sort of “am I doing the right thing?” moment, only to slowly build up back again into a thunderous and splendorous last chorus. “Fuck it, hit the gas”.


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