Romain Gutsy’s Girl from Kerry

France based singer-songwriter Romain Gutsy is an eclectic artist with a distinct voice and musical approach. He’s no stranger to the #LT1K family, as we’ve covered his work before on the blog. Namely, his experimental folk-pop single “My Only Love” and the gypsy-like “If You Don’t Mind.” And, as you are likely anticipating while reading this, he has indeed returned with a brand-new single. The track is called “The Girl From Kerry,” released as of November 3rd, 2022. Brand-spanking new folks! While what he experimentally incorporates from release to release is a variable, a couple things are likely to remain consistent as with the last two singles: the music will surely be rooted his signature brand of folk-blues-jazz fusion, and it will be available to listen to and support on Bandcamp:

Always a well-travelled artist, Gutsy wrote this track in Dublin, Ireland in May of 2022. It’s a song that takes on the approach of one of those storyteller-type of folk songs. Alas, this is Romain we’re talking about here! So, he adds his own unique personal touch on it by telling a sad story, but in absence of any sadness. A tune so bluesy, formative, and organic sounding, but with a pep in the step! Gutsy vocally delivers cheeky wordplay throughout, keeping a sad narrative but with a fun delivery. It gives me the vibes similar to that of a Leadbelly’s approach to “Obla Di Obla Da,” but add in a hipster banjo player. That’s my “hot take” for the day.

The song was produced in collaboration with Marc Bentel. Mixed and mastered in Bentel’s studio in Florida, USA. Always a pleasure hearing from Romain. A French-born artist, he has had an illustrious career that spans playing with a wide range of instrumentation and projects. From singing to playing guitar and accordion, from playing with French acts like Le Affamés to Celtic bands like Daffy Plays Mandola to Grammy award winning U.S. artists like Soul Asylum and Calvin Russel, Romain continues to be a one-of-a-kind artist.


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