Delight with mUmbo – “Rollin’ Over”

This single is about new beginnings and second starts. “Rollin’ Over” makes us appreciate every new opportunity presented to us, with a beautiful mellow ambience and a blissful, very much needed, optimistic view towards life.

¡Listen to Mumbo and “rollin’ over” now!

What’s going on everybody, how you’ve been? It’s your boy, MadZen. The year is coming to an end and with it a lot of stories, good and bad, are finding closure as well. Some of them are just even starting! Today’s song help us catch a breath and remember that the sun always shines, even after a shitty day. Let’s get to it!

After releasing their previous singles Swing My Hip, and Don’t Even Mind The Rain, the London Alt Rock / Pop duo created by guitarist Doug MacGowan and singer Emma Semple have returned with an optimistic track created to shed a little light in this dark days. Inspired by artists like Mazzy Star, Goldfrapp, Little Feat, Ry Cooder and Johnny Marr, the British ensemble delivers an immensely catchy, earworm hook right out of the blocks in their new single.

“Rollin’ Over” comes with a foundation of uplifting guitar arpeggios that can be heard all throughout the track. Emma’s vocals are warm, tender, and magical. With lyrics that aim to keep us going, this song surrounds the listener with a cozy sensation and a bright aura. Once again joined by Italian drummer Antonio Dalè, mUmbo also recluted Martin Goodchild on organ to complete the four-piece arrangement.

After so much darkness, fear and deep uncertainty in recent times, and despite the fact that the world is in a state of awful political megalomania and gunshot rhetoric, we just wanted to say something hopeful, something connective, something of light in the darkness. We hope we have done that both sonically and lyrically.” mUmbo

A conversation between vocals and guitars set the foundation for mUmbo’s music. And the abilities of MacGowan to create seamlessly good solos filled with pauses and melody adds that glitter to the whole instrumentation. Without a doubt a very much needed track in the awe of this new era, a cool breeze that gives us strength to carry on and move forward. So, listen now!

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