NoSpace – “idle”

The second single from American quartet NoSpace was just released and it is a perfect indie song. Fusing elements from the late-90s alternative rock with a dash of psychedelia, hip-hop and reggae, “idle” goes out of its way to show the group’s evolution. Their debut single, “summer ends“, was already a remarkable one featuring sunny soundscapes and a lovely Sublime influence. The boys do manage to keep it up, coming up with a song that feels more laid back and softer than “summer ends”, but just as interesting.

Its lyrical themes deal with mental health and depression, talking about how low you can feel sometimes but that ultimately it’s okay – it’s just a phase that soon will be over, all you need is space and some quiet time. It’s a heavy topic, but the group handles it with formidable grace and use the song’s instrumentation and production to keep things light and positive. The verse ‘I don’t need to feel normal‘ gets repeated a few times throughout the chorus, like a mantra, and it comes after things like ‘in a world full of hate and awe‘ and ‘in a world full of judgement‘. It’s an extremely vulnerable feeling and mature song, and the band pulls it off beautifully.

It takes guts to write a song this open about personal struggles and seeing the glass half empty sometimes, and NoSpace knows how to do it masterfully. They’re only starting out and already sound this ready and mature; painting a gorgeous landscape of what their future might sound like – and I’m in for the ride.


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