Podge Lane – “Change In The Weather”

This is a moody and hopeful Folk track that’s as emotive as it is charming. “Change In The Weather” invites us to live our own lives, without paying too much attention to the silly little details.

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What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a very pretty upcoming single that will for sure brighten up your day. Brought to us by this upcoming Irish artist, this track is perfect for any Bright Eyes or Damien Rice fans out there. Let’s get to it!

Podge Lane is a singer-songwriter from Cork, Ireland who, after an exciting 2022 where he released his debut album ‘Outer Monologues’ followed by a full tour both in Ireland and London, is now ready to present to us his upcoming and highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Common Country Misconceptions’.

“Change In The Weather” is the third single off of the said album, and it is a beautiful Folk track of voice and guitar, accompanied by a wonderful instrumentation of piano, organs, banjo, and earthy percussions. The track begins softly and minimalistic, with only Lane’s vocals and guitars, but as it goes on, the track begins to fill with more and more elements, leading us into a crescendo of marvelous textures and intense emotions.

“This song is about looking for signs in silly things, which I’ve looked for a lot! Thinking back on the amount of times I’ve thought “if it’s raining out something bad is going to happen”, or if the sun was shining there was a bit of hope. We’re always fearing the worst and this is a song to say “let’s snap out of it.” It’s my life, not the weathers.” – Podge Lane

The track ends as it begins, with a soft and calm pace, with Lane reminding us to stop looking for signs. An honest tale of overthinking is what some people call this song, and it certainly fits right in such description. Anyway, it is a song with a sensible drive, presenting all the elements we love in such a wonderful genre. So,


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