Sleeping Together – “Time To Reflect”

A modern and exciting Indie track with a 00’s attitude. “Time To Reflect” delivers a punchy and powerful groove mixed with Pop-infused vocals and the message that falling in love isn’t always as bad as it’s made out to be.


What’s goin’ on, my beautiful readers? How are you today? It’s your boy, MadZen, and today I’m very stoked to announce to you this thrilling new single, a track filled with Indie Rock delights, and a supersonic sound perfect for any sound-freaks out there. Let’s get it!

Sleeping Together is an Indie Rock band formed in 2022 via Facetime! Big beats, catchy riffs, and good vibes are their motto, and you’d better believe they deliver! Representing the North-West, the band consists of Alexander Lloyd-Jones (Vocalist), Jason Javier Dominguez (Drums), Ryan Williams (Bass Guitar), and Mike Corry (Lead Guitar).

“Time To Reflect” is the band’s third release up to date, following their recent Money & Nicotine, which means that they are still in their very first stages! But that hasn’t stopped them from getting airtime on XS Manchester and BBC Introducing, amassing a total of 48k streams on Spotify in less than 4 months! Now, this single will continue to push the four-piece forward with its professional production and pristine sound.

Time To Reflect is about losing yourself in a relationship and how hindsight is a wonderful thing, mostly. It’s easy to get lost in love, but it’s not always as bad as it’s made out to be, provided you keep hold of the key elements of yourself.

The track hits hard and fast from the start, delivering exciting guitar riffs and a BIG drum sound. Youthful melodies and uplifting rhythms make of this track a very fun and interesting listening experience, a song that definitely separates from the rest. A massive wall of sound awaits for you in the choruses, so you better get going, and


The track was produced by Tayte Nickols (The Sheratons) and mastered by Matt Colton (Arctic Monkeys).

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