Izzie Derry “I Don’t Know Why”

Being in love is exposing your most vulnerable side to someone who you are yet to know if they’re the right person or not. And if it happens that the person decides to break up with you and walk out, the questions surrounding the “Am I good enough?” theme fill up the space in your head to the point you don’t see anything else anymore. Izzie Derry found herself in that situation, and her new song “I Don’t Know Why” is a search for those answers twirling in her head, and it’s also an empowering realization of self-worth.

Written during a period when she was lost and still in love with her ex, folk-rock singer-songwriter Izzie Derry turned to music as a way to find sense in the mess of emotions in her head. The resulting single “I Don’t Know Why” is a quiet, guitar-driven ballad with an atmosphere damp from tears, thick emotions, and cozy blankets. It refuses to sulk, and bursts of energy bring the ballad from timid quietness to a rocking and emotional self-rediscovery, realizing the toxicity of past relationship, and that she’s worth more than that.

“I wrote the song when I was struggling to move past a particularly bad relationship that had ended the year before. I felt like I should have moved past it, but it had knocked my confidence so much that I found it hard to enter new relationships and trust people. I guess the song for me was basically telling the guy off for not treating me as well as I think I should have been. As with most songs I write it helped me process my emotions and fully understand what was going on.”

Izzie Derry

The Brighton-based artist has already found a loving audience with her emotional songs emphasizing living as a young woman, overcoming hardships, and growing as a person. Intimate yet very powerful, Izzie Derry’s vibrant songwriting and beautiful lyricism easily find a way into the listener’s heart.

“I Don’t Know Why” is already out on all streaming platforms, go give it a listen now!

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