Pokkisham “Cages”

No one would take this musical inkling seriously, so they ended up persuading the young lad to take up studies in Chemistry instead, following the pressured need for a stable future job. A young person wanted to take up DJing, but the idea was laughed at and the person still longingly looks at those, who managed to chase that dream and are enjoying playing music for the crowds. And if you’re gonna take up an instrument, they only offer studies for classical instruments – good luck if you want to be a drummer or a bass guitarist instead.

Those are a little handful of all those “Cages” a person with creative inkling may find themselves in. Either the idea is not supported by peers close to you, or you struggle hard to find ways to learn and grow yourself in that field. Pokkisham had such a cage as well when she was a kid learning multiple instruments and singing with passion. They only offered studies in classical music, but the artistic seedling in her also loved jazz, funk, and soul. This, as well as the societal pressure to find a stable career, meant that music was just a hobby for Pokkisham, while she studied to become a lawyer.

But in the end, Pokkisham’s desire to make music her life won, and now she’s a recording artist as well as a teacher for Masters in Songwriting. In this job, she meets lots of young searchers finding opportunities unlike those she had herself, and she meets people climbing career ladders, who have given up on what they really are passionate about. Pokkisham’s newest single “Cages” is dedicated to all those creatives struggling to follow their dreams – it’s an empowering song about breaking through your cages and pursuing your passions despite all odds.

Starting quietly with a dreamy atmosphere, Pokkisham’s serene, silvery vocals speak of the struggles that come with being creatively caged up. But once the jazz-inspired drums join in, the song becomes increasingly potent and determined at overcoming all the limitations, and in the end “Cages” becomes a celebration of breaking down barriers and enjoying the freedom of doing what you’ve been aching to do for so long. It’s a very powerful song filled to the brim with passionate emotions.

“I am also a Mum now and I never want my kids to feel limited in the way I did. I also meet so many people who have faithfully followed career paths but have given up on their passions. It’s so clear that money these days isn’t everything – everyone seems to need more to feel fulfilled – we have to enrich ourselves from the inside and find a way to give voice to things we love.”


“Cages” is out now.


“Finding a way to balance work/security etc with also your passions. For some people that means finding a way back to the things they loved doing in their childhood that they still want to have in their lives. For others it means stepping into new opportunities and giving themselves permission to pursue things they’re interested into embrace more joy.”


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