Luke Targett “Fall for U”

Falling in a spiraling descent into the rosy-colored maze of romantic feelings, flutters in the gut, lots of softness and tender emotions – that’s basically what it’s like to fall in love with a person. The day is immediately improved tenfold when they show up, and the usual mundane worries and bores turn into mere little speedbumps that no longer have the power to taint your happy mood. There are many ways how people have tried putting all of that into music, but here’s how Luke Targett has handled this all-encompassing feeling of falling in love. This is “Fall for U”!

Drenched in nostalgic feelings and driven by speedy percussion and synths, “Fall for U” feels like a vivid memory of driving down a summery freeway in a cabriolet. Shimmering melodies, elevated vocals, and ecstatic synths all describe what a vibrant, colorful experience falling in love can be. At the same time, it’s a song of a beautiful memory, possibly one of the highlights in a person’s life.

Music producer and coffee enthusiast Luke Targett has been in the music scene for quite a while, helping other artists in producing their music and achieving their visions. Credited with over 200 releases, Luke definitely knows how to create a good piece of music. The producer has also taken on his own musical path as a recording artist, releasing a steady flow of music since 2019. He’s an all-in-one kind of creative person, who loves doing everything himself, and his music is driven by a simple yet effective message – “inspire others to go get it and seek fulfillment however that looks to them.”

“Fall for U” is out now on your favorite platforms – go give it a listen today!

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