Damien’s new banger “Empty”

This is an exciting club-ready banger filled with feelings of emptiness and obscure aggression. “Empty” by Damien marks the beginning of an exciting new year for the Australian Industrial-pop artist.


Yo, what’s going on ladies and gentlemen? Welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen, and today we will prepare for the outstanding release of our good friend Damien. One of the beautiful things about what I do is that I get to witness the progressive growth of many great upcoming artists. Whether it is of 9 O’Clock Nasty, I Am The Unicorn Head, or in this case Damien’s, there’s always a sense of pride for how they keep stepping up their game.

Oozing with carefully crafted sonic layering, ´Empty’ is a club-ready hit on the surface, but dives deeply into themes of existential longing and a desire to be loved within the lyrical content.

“Empty” is no different from that, as this is (for me) the best song DAMIEN has ever released, yet. Not only because of its upgraded sound, but because of his upgraded production technique and composition also. This track is an absolute banger, and it could sit at the same table as Marylin Manson any day of the week.

Aggressive, powerful, danceable, and emotionally raw. Just what the doctor ordered! The amazing beat mesmerizes us while the gritty overlaid synths create a dark atmosphere, perfect for any Goth/Industrial club. DAMIEN’s vocals sound better than ever with a deep performance and obscure lyricism. This track was definitely made to dance but also to share a message of profound despair, cloaked within the metallic rhythms of harsh electronica.

Without a doubt an amazing release, and one that paves the way of ‘Candidate For the Abyss’, the third album in three years for the darkwave artist, set to be released in June 2023. So,


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